Air Conditioning

Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioning

Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems are known for their extremely efficient and quiet running operation. The newer, inverter style models have an advanced scroll compressor that increases performance without causing problems with the efficiency of the unit. This system is often seen in bigger establishments where the bottom line is that not only does a system need to be inexpensive to start with, but it needs to run efficiently so that monthly expenses are cut down a bit. One of the other benefits is that this is also a remarkably space saving system, the design making it much easier to conceal or install in smaller places.

Using exterior and interior units, this system works well all year round. The exterior unit connects to the indoor unit by way of an interconnecting pipe that moves the refrigerant. Then, the compressor pushes this between the two units. The indoor portion of the unit is installed usually inside the ceiling cavity of the home, and an evaporator coil conditions the air between the rooms. This is moved via a fan inside the unit, which circulates the conditioned air back into the room your cooling. The system is built so that things run very smoothly, very quietly and is a durable, long lasting unit all together.

Ducted systems are a great alternative for people who are looking for a better way to air condition their home but may want something a bit more than a window unit. Slim line ducted units are usually installed along with the indoor portion of the Fujitsu ducted air conditioning indoor unit, in the ceiling are, and it is through these vents that conditioned air is evenly moved through the home. Usually, the air grills on these models have a washable filter and this acts as a sort of air purifier, together with the rest of the system. Dust, dirt and other allergens are generally cut down by quite a lot. The compact size of ducted air conditioning systems by Fujitsu are a bonus- you can install them in most ceiling areas, even the smaller ones.

If youre just looking for a single use application, a bulkhead unit is a good alternative when there may not be that ceiling space allowing for the ducts. This gives those who choose this option the choice of installing in the ceiling, but also in wall bulkheads or on the floor level of a room. These systems are well known for being very easy on the energy bill, and generally speaking, easy with maintenance as well. Most people who go with a ducted system agree that Fujitsu produces a product that surpasses expectation and creates a much more comfortable in-home environment during the hot summer months.

Fujitsu systems really are a better choice if you need to condition a much larger space. These systems are clean, quiet and very efficient. They keep the flow of air even, working with as few units as possible and they tend to be quieter than their split system counterparts purely by virtue of the compressor being housed away from the area that is being air conditioned.