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Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning is a system that is build without an actual central air set up involved. These are used usually for both heating and cooling and it makes it easier to work with rooms you might be having trouble reaching. Many of these installations can be found in homes, hospitals, businesses of all types, as well as in offices and other locations.

A ductless system is often called a mini split air conditioner, because it works a bit like your more commonly used ducted central systems, however, its a much smaller set up. When you have this type of system you will find that it has two major parts: the exterior unit and the interior unit. Your indoor portion of the system will have an air handling unit, a blower and an evaporator. The exterior portion will have both the compressor and condenser.
One of the major benefits of a system such as this is that it tends to be quite easy to install. Most people can do this themselves, and the instructions are straight forward- right in the manual. The exterior portion of the system is usually set up outside of the room, and then, put on a stable, solid surface. The interior system is generally installed higher up on a wall, or even up on a ceiling mount.

There is a bit of cutting involved. You will need to cut a small, three inch hole in an exterior wall so that you can install the refrigerant lines. This will be both the line for the power and the line for the condenser. Both portions of the system are not very large, and can be easily hidden back, so they do not disturb existing d├ęcor or landscaping.

Another reason people tend to choose ductless home air conditioning units is that being as the compressor is housed outside- the noise is reduced to a minimum. This is often a concern with other types of units. However, in this system, it is usually unnoticeable. Because its not needed to mount the unit in a window, window space is freed, and the cutting involved upon installation is minimal.

In terms of economy, a ductless system works out very well because there is a greater range of temperature control and savings on a utility bill can be seen. These systems usually come with a remote control that makes changing temperature in certain rooms easier, and so, you can cool those rooms you need to without using energy to cool those you dont. With no ducts to cause energy loss, these systems are also a great deal more efficient and tend to lead to less heating and cooling loss to the outside air.

Size considerations are also where advantages are seen. There isnt much space needed for installation of a ductless system. With the ability to install these systems virtually anywhere in the home or office space, they are a convenient option for those who are looking for something a bit less invasive. With one of these systems, there is a greater level of cooling capacity and many come with filters that work as air purification systems. These filters can be removed, and then cleaned again, so replacing them is not required as often as other systems.