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Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning

For people who are looking for quality air conditioning, Daikin ducted air conditioning is an intelligent choice. These high quality products are an investment into not only your home, but your indoor air quality as well. They are known for being not only incredibly efficient, but durable and long lasting. The company itself is a known leader in air conditioning options that are of superior quality and in 1972, they began producing their line of air conditioning systems to provide a better level of temperature control.

Daikin ducted systems are just one of the offerings in a high quality product line. They also offer split system air conditioners, which work well in cooling smaller spaces. These come in cooling only or reverse cycle systems and each has a good range of power options. Inverter models are also offered and these use less power to create a more consistent temperature level inside the room. Multi-split systems use just one exterior unit to cool several rooms in a home. Allowing for individual room temperature control they are a great option for those who are looking to conserve energy and keep the utility bill low.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

The ducted line of air conditioning systems offers a greater level of temperature control that can cool the entire home or building. Daikin systems offer unparalleled air purification with high end filters that not only take care of allergens- microscopic particles that can cause cold and flu like symptoms, but also, helps remove dust and odor from the air. The Daikin air conditioning line utilizes a titanium apatite photocatalytic filtering system to help purify air while providing superior temperature control. This system runs quietly and allows for easy climate control of any space, offering the complete package for anyone looking to upgrade their air conditioning system.

Using the Daikin Inverter range of ducted products, you can easily cool zoned areas or multiple rooms. This lines inverter increases power upon start up which allows for faster cooling. It also provides excellent humidity control, with a setting called Program Dry. These systems are built to last, and built to handle more extreme temperatures. The system is perfect for excellent temperature control, quiet running and is great for energy conscious individuals looking to add more comfort to their homes. One of the commonly hailed benefits of the Daikin ducted system is that its quiet but also energy efficient and with rising utility costs, this is an important factor to consider when purchasing any system.

Daikin systems can be used in an existing home, or, built in as part of a new construction. Because it is located either under the floor or in the ceiling- compressor outside for quieter operation, the air is moved through vents placed throughout the home. This space saving design is one of the multitudes of benefits to this system. For people who are seeking a ducted air conditioning unit that is not only high quality, but also a strong investment in the home, Daikin systems are the trusted leader.