Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Wall mounted air conditioning units are a great option when thinking about how you might cool your home. Though there are a variety of different alternatives to expensive central air systems, and there may be many different window units to choose from, a wall mounted air conditioning unit is a convenient option. Though wall mounted units are very similar to window units, they differ in a number of crucial ways.

First, use of a wall mount unit will not block the windows in your home. For people who might be looking for a more eco friendly and wallet friendly option, having windows cleared to be open at will is a definite benefit. Many dislike the way that a window unit also blocks the view from the windows, to say nothing of the damage that can sometimes be done to the frame. Yet another issue that isnt a problem with wall mounted air conditioning units is that you do not have to remove the unit to store it for the winter months.

Most people have seen wall mounted air conditioners and not even realized it. Every time you stay at a hotel or motel, you have likely used the convenience of a wall mounted unit. These are known as packaged terminal air conditioners (Or PTACs) and often combine both heater and air conditioner in one unit. These units offer a great level of control, and are kept out of the way easily.

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