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Carrier Air Conditioning Units

Carrier air conditioning units are popular among world wide users. It is among those brands, which is known for its innovation, quality and environment friendlyproducts and is definitely a global brand which has paved ways in developing modern air conditioners. Willis Haviland Carrier is the man behind establishing the carrier brand. He is famous as the person who invented the modern air conditioner. 1902 was the year, when the first air conditioner was invented. In the early days of air conditioners, they were used only for commercial purposes and were employed in industries. These air conditioners were used in the industries to control the air flow during the manufacturing of products. It was only in 1924, that human beings got the comfort of air conditioners. Carrier corporation was started in 1915 and ever since then, carrier air conditioning units have been adorning the houses of millions of people across the world. With changing times, the carrier air conditioning units have come a long way, from the huge systems used in factories, they have transformed into air conditioner units that boast of the latest technology features.

Carrier air conditioning units have a SEER rating, ranging from thirteen to twenty-one. A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio lets the users distinguish between ordinary air conditioning units and air conditioning units which are the most energy efficient. Thus, the carrier air conditioning units, use less energy in cooling a room, when compared to an air conditioning unit of other brand, having a lesser SEER value. Most of the carrier air conditioning units, come with a warranty of ten years for the compressor. Thus, a user can rest assured that, an investment in carrier air conditioning products, is sure to last a very long time and he or she can enjoy years of chill, germ free air. Carrier offers different types of air conditioning units, right from the portable in house units to the industrial air conditioning units. They even are used to cool the domes of stadiums.

The latest technology based carrier air conditioning units are the ductless air conditioning units, which can be easily used in homes. These units are portable too. For users who cannot afford the carrier central air conditioning units, the window air conditioners are a good alternative. Carrier air conditioning units for the window are a great way of cooling small areas and rooms and are an excellent way of conserving the energy consumption too. The carrier window air conditioner units are almost noise free, when compared to other brand air conditioner units.

Carrier engineering is believed to be the leader in the air conditioners world. With the constant advent in technologies, there are different carrier air conditioning units featuring different technologies. Hence, users thinking of purchasing a carrier air conditioning unit, are bound to have a hard time in selecting one, because of the wide range of air conditioner options. Carrier air conditioning units are definitely designed to cater to the needs of a modern day consumer.