Air Conditioning Prices

Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Whatever the condition might be outside, people can enjoy the comforts of their homes with heating and air conditioning units. But finding the right unit would basically depend on the dimensions of the house, where it is located and of course, the budget.

Heating and conditioning equally work based on the tenet that the movement of heat always starts from an area of higher heat concentration to a lower one. So heaters and furnaces would raise the heat levels in order to make an area warmer whereas the air conditioner would eliminate the heat to make the area cooler. The common factor here is that, in doing this, heating and air conditioning units would utilize energy. Air conditioners would primarily use electricity while the majority of heating systems would make use of fuel oil or gas. Although, there are heating systems is using electricity nowadays. A device called a heat pump can heat and cool air by extracting heated air inside the house during summer and pulling in heat from outside during winter.

There are several types of heating systems in the market today. One system is the central heating which utilizes a heat pump or furnace to produce heat from a central location. It uses the process called hydronics where water is a heat transport channel and uses a ductwork and radiator to transfer heat into the air. Forced air system, on the other hand, propel heat via a ductwork system where it can be filtered. Alternatively, the heat provided by an electrical source uses a filament that turns hot once electricity passes through it.

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Air Conditioning Prices

Small Air Conditioning Units

As technology continues to improve, air conditioners continue to get smaller and more efficient. There are several models now available ranging from portable units, ductless mini units for placement anywhere on walls, mini splits that provide comfort for dual rooms and package terminal air conditioners that fit low to the ground without obstructing your window. These air conditioning units are perfect for home, hotel and office applications where space can be a problem but cool air is a must.

Portable air conditioners are free standing units and are easy to move from room to room with coasters on the bottom. They come equipped with a hose that is fed to the outdoors by way of a window or another room for venting. Some models also offer a heater to give you a dual purpose and eliminate the need for two separate machines. An average 10,000 BTU portable air conditioning units will typically measure around 2.4 feet tall and 1.9 feet deep. In addition to keeping a 300 square foot room cool, dehumidification is capable. Some have 2 or 3 speeds for comfort control or a remote control for regulating.

Ductless mini air conditioning units are fairly new and beginning to gain popularity for small spaces or areas where window units are difficult to fit. These small systems can be mounted on an exterior wall and there is no ductwork required. A three-inch opening in the wall is all that is required to vent the unit to the outdoors. The units themselves are attractive, sleek and very discreet in appearance. An outdoor compressor/condenser runs the unit but you are in control of the temperature of an individual room. Many manufacturers offer filtration accessories for those that suffer from allergies.

The split mini air conditioning unit is the same as the mini except that it can service more than one room at a time. However, the individual air-handling unit that is attached in each room gives you the ability to have a different temperature in separate rooms. Perhaps your husband likes a constant 72 degrees but you prefer 68 degrees. This is possible with the mini air conditioning unit that lets you regulate the temperature in individual areas.

Package terminal air conditioners or PTACs are small air conditioning units that are attached to a wall and rest close to the floor, usually right beneath a window. Most units are thin, durable, quiet and easily maintained. A standard unit measures 24 x 42, fitting a wall sleeve perfectly. Designed for comfort and perfect for dormitories, nursing homes or residential areas, PTACs are energy efficient and range from 7,000 to 20,000 BTU, depending on the size of the area needing cooled.

The window air conditioner is becoming a dinosaur with new and innovative smaller and more efficient designs now available. The upkeep of a whole house central air conditioning unit can be costly, especially when you do not need the entire house cooled. Discover your options with small air conditioning units that deliver just as much as window units or central units, saving you money at the same time.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Units

In most parts of the country, it would be very hard to make it through the summer months without air conditioning. When the weather is hot and humid, nothing feels better than retreating to your nice cool home. For some people, air conditioning units are necessary for health reasons. The elderly, people with allergies, and those with respiratory conditions can suffer ill effects from living in homes without proper air control. There are several ways you can go about keeping your home cool. Acclaim Air Conditioning Installers Gold Coast discuss the various options;

Central Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning

A central air conditioner is the most expensive option but it will keep the air in your home at a uniform temperature and humidity. Air conditioners are often combined with heating units so your home can be comfortably maintained all year by one central appliance. Although this is the most costly air conditioner to install, it is the most convenient and there are no unsightly appliances blocking your windows or sticking out of your wall.

Wall Air Conditioners

Wall air conditioners cool down smaller areas like a single room or part of your home. If you wont need to move the unit, placing it in the wall works well because it leaves your windows free. These are also a little more secure than the window units and they can be placed high up out of the way and anywhere on an outside wall that you want. You can cool your whole home with multiple wall units or choose to keep one in your bedroom for comfortable sleeping. These air conditioners come in various power ratings to accommodate different size rooms.

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