Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Units

In most parts of the country, it would be very hard to make it through the summer months without air conditioning. When the weather is hot and humid, nothing feels better than retreating to your nice cool home. For some people, air conditioning units are necessary for health reasons. The elderly, people with allergies, and those with respiratory conditions can suffer ill effects from living in homes without proper air control. There are several ways you can go about keeping your home cool. Acclaim Air Conditioning Installers Gold Coast discuss the various options;

Central Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning

A central air conditioner is the most expensive option but it will keep the air in your home at a uniform temperature and humidity. Air conditioners are often combined with heating units so your home can be comfortably maintained all year by one central appliance. Although this is the most costly air conditioner to install, it is the most convenient and there are no unsightly appliances blocking your windows or sticking out of your wall.

Wall Air Conditioners

Wall air conditioners cool down smaller areas like a single room or part of your home. If you wont need to move the unit, placing it in the wall works well because it leaves your windows free. These are also a little more secure than the window units and they can be placed high up out of the way and anywhere on an outside wall that you want. You can cool your whole home with multiple wall units or choose to keep one in your bedroom for comfortable sleeping. These air conditioners come in various power ratings to accommodate different size rooms.

Window Air Conditioners

The window units are very popular. They are great for cooling down single rooms and are easy to install. You dont have to cut an opening like the wall units need. However, you are limited to placing these air conditioning units where a window is available and that may mot always be the optimum location. Window air conditioners are very affordable and provide a way for a family that cannot afford central air to still stay cool and comfortable. These units are also fairly cheap to operate. The drawback is that the temperature is not constant throughout the house. The room with the air conditioner must have the door closed to hold in the cool air, and the rooms on the other side of the door might still be warm and humid.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are usually on rollers so you can place them inside your home in a position that is most convenient. They do need to be able to vent to the outside, however, they are very easy to set up, and that is why they are becoming more popular. These units also work to pull excess humidity from the air so your home is more comfortable. Some of these also have built in heaters for use in the cold months.

When looking over air conditioning units, you will want to consider your budget as well as how much use your unit will be expected to have. If you live in Florida and plan to run the air conditioner for several months a year, you may want to spring for a more powerful and expensive model so it will last longer.